Who Dat BclarkArt ?

My dad used to take me to book stores in the mall, and I gravitated to drawing books. I still have a few of them from a long time ago, and I still like to take a look at them.
Books that piqued my interest in my younger years were how to draw superheroes books.

The level of detail brought me into art, and teaching others how to draw in my early teens was a lot of fun.

Dragonball Z Inspiration

Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Dragon Ball Z!
Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Come get me!

I thought it used to say knock the Dragon, but this cartoon inspired me a lot. It represented high energy and great power, which was exciting for millions of fans.

I would create a few different dragon ball z styled artworks, and I had a lot of fun making these sketches.

These days, I like to paint, sketch, and create inspiration! It is more significant than just trying to impress myself.


Who I Draw Inspiration From

Jim Lee is a new source of inspiration for me, and I like his artwork and teachings a lot. The level of detail in his art is impressive, and I have a lot of fun making black ink and white-out artworks.

Another artist I like is Ken Lashley:

His style reminds me of the old Street Fighter Alpha 3. There are many other artists that I like, but that's all for now.

My Old Sketches

 If you check out the YouTube channel, I have different artwork, so check out the track to know more about my art style.

Music inspires me to make more artwork, and when I listen to the right kind of music, it makes it easier to create.

My story is still in the making, so definitely stay tuned for more content. Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing some of my past and present artwork.